FJ40 Air Conditioning choices Vintage Air or CCOT

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Oct 1, 2002
Newnan, GA
The two air conditioning choices I know of are Vintage Air and the one from CCOT. I have seen and operated a Vintage Air unit in an FJ40. It cools really well but I do not like the large size of the unit. Also I would like to keep my original heat set up. The CCOT unit I like the pictures on their site of the air conditoning they offer. Normally I do not like the quality of their parts. Anyone have any experience with a CCOT unit??
I prefer the vintage air for the conditioned fog problems. Additionally, it cools something besides the passenger's knees.
I've got a vintage air system in my FJ40 and love it..



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Another you may want to consider... TPI sells a system they claim is "designed" for the 40. TPI4x4

They are in the business of sales. They will tell you anything to give them an edge. I got a "heavy duty" cooling fan, clutch, and pump from them in exchange for registering their current domain name. It looked like a normal cooling fan, clutch, and pump to me. Caveat Emptor.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like them and they are fair, just pointing this out.
I think the ICON uses one of the surefit units from Vintage air. It's more of a custom application on the TLC trucks. The ducts go into the aftermarket dash vents, and the A/C unit is installed where the glove box is. You lose most of your glove box as well. I have some pictures, I'll post them up..
I dont have A/C on my 1976,but i have pictures from a friend in Puerto Rico, dont know the brand or where he got it,so just i will post photos..:meh:
Any body remember when they put add on ACs in ford mustangs and fairlains. Nice chrome unit made by I dont know who,but cooled very well and quality built .Their units would freeze me out.MIke
Thanks for the link to Nostalgic Air. I am liking the price of the sbc kit.

If you do order the Nostalgic Air kit, make sure you get everything. I also happen to be a Nostalgic Air Dealer, and it is not a complete kit. This kit is very generic, used for many applications. The A/C hoses are not crimped, and the defrost feature is not included. Nostalgic Air has never installed one in a cruiser, they just bought a FJ40 dash to make sure the unit would fit. So they are not going to be very much help with tech support. They are just a A/C parts house, then do not manufacture anything in house, or have a R&D or tech support department like some of the other aftermarket A/C manufacturers.

Here is a shot of the unit.
Here are the ICON pictures I had. Iam really not sure what unit it is that TLC is using.

That's the Hurricane Universal system from Old Air....very nice unit, but won't fit where the heater was unless you relocate the stereo...and you lose the glove box if it's off to the passenger side. The top has the outlets for defrost and go right into the glove box. Wish I could get it to fit in the heater spot, but it's too big. Talked to the guys yesterday for a while, really nice and helpful.
x2 on Vintage Air. it has no problems handling the heat and humidity even here in Texas. It's as cold (if not colder) than my '06 Jetta.


I just called my local Vintage Air dealer to see how much for parts and labor to install in my 40

$1000 - parts

$1500 - $2000 to install :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Anyone who has done their own install, is it REALLY that hard to do?
I just called my local Vintage Air dealer to see how much for parts and labor to install in my 40

$1000 - parts

$1500 - $2000 to install :eek::eek::eek::eek:

Anyone who has done their own install, is it REALLY that hard to do?

It's not that it is hard, it is time consuming.
Do any of th A/C systems linked above draw fresh, outside air to cool?

Or do they all pull only interior air on a "recycle" function not labeled as such?

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