FJ40 77’

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Jun 6, 2019
Orang County
Hi FJ 40 brothers, I am new here and just finally got a 77’ FJ40. Lots of rust and she run rough but she mine.Haha! I have back fire problem during driving and shifting. Please advice. Thanks. Bo
Need slot more info

How long ago last tuneup?
What carb?
I can go on... but...
Pics pics pics will answer lots of unknowns

have u given it a tune up yet? Normally when something is not running right and the last tuneup date is unknown you start there first

Do you have any experience in older vehicles?

Given something a tune up before that’s older than 20 years?
Timed a car before?
Rebuilt carb?
Changed plugs before?

Btw welcome to mud

Hope your bezels correct... if you have no clue what that is ... do a quick search :)
I am a greeny-newbie to these older FJ40. Just cleaned the carb with carb cleaner, changed spark plugs, and changed oil/filter. Back fire got a little better. Thank you for any more advice or comment.

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