FJ 55 regulator gear

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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
Hi, does anyone know the best source for the plastic gear that is part of the rear motor regulator? I saw SOR has them for 35.89. Any body else? I tried the dealer over the phone but got no joy.
If SOR has new ones....hit up Cdan.

Try cdan at American Toyota. $20~25 I recall.
hey, thanks a lot, forgot about him. PM'd him. What kind of grease should I use on this part?

Just FYI, I sold it on ebay, and had tested it and it worked fine, I ran it to put the arms up then down, back up and it went off the arm's teeth and then bound up, I wonder if it wasn't broken and the thick grease caused it to bind. I will relist it on Ebay after I get it all cleaned up.

CruisinGA said:
White lithium. Normally comes in tubes like toothpaste.

Well, I will try not to get it mixed up with my Tom's healthy toothpaste, personally I like the sparkly star wars colgate!

24+ at TLC in Van Nuys and 20+ from Cdan... both had a real quick response time. Thanks for the help.
Kief, the dealer can't find it 'cause it's not pictured in his computer.
Call your dealer back and ask for part # 72751-39020
Hey man, thanks, I think I'm gettin' one from CDan till I get some kind of price break from the local toyboys. As soon as I get the discount going they switch parts guys/gals on me. :(

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