FJ 45 Tub Trailer Build

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Arabian Cruiser

Arabian Cruisers
Mar 6, 2010
Dubai, UAE
Hi guys im back with a new project :bang: ,

After going on one camping trip with the guys a while back i realised how un prepared we were and so have since been thinking of a solution.

I didn't want to spend x amount of $ on something that was ugly and modern, so i opted to go with a tub conversion like some of the guys on mud who have inspired and motivated me. thanks guys for such great examples.

Initially i had wanted to use the tub of a 43 but ended up building that her ( i will share the build pictures once they are sorted. )

I have opted instead to buy a junk yard Troopy with roof and all major body parts ( no doors and the only other thing on it was a wiring harness ) and cut her down and use that as the basis for an all out trailer build with storage, kitchen, pop up tent, water and fuel storage, seating, power, air, shower and dining table. Would also like it to have a awnings coming from the trailer to form a larger shaded area around it.

As you will see in the next few slides i have designed a simplistic outline of what i want to do and have not yet run it by a fabricator or an engineer so expect a few modifications as i go along.

The following pictures are very rough as have a lot of artistic freedom. once i start the build ill start to measure up all the components.

Trailer New & Electro Mech copy.jpg

with capsule.jpg

with tent.jpg
the first picture is the day we met at the junk yard.

the following pictures are when i got it and started to dismantle her.

the last picture is the FJ 43 that was going to get chopped buy the current owner managed to find the paperwork and so i went on a body off restoration, sandblasting and rewiring the ignition and added radiator and new hoses, clutch and all that. the current state is only for roadworthiness and ownership transfer. that was developed to be a jetski carrier with deployment and retrieval mechanism but the jet ski is a bit longer than the tub, might do a stretch on it to fit the jetski. lets get back to the trailer build.
I have since started to project and chopped the 45 into a tub.

Here are some pictures of before and after the body cut.



The we cut the frame

We decided to cut I from of the mid frame support to keep it together



And today we started on the front end

It's as long as an FJ 43.

Hope it does fine on the road test.




I cried as you cut that fine restoration project in half. It will make a very cool trailer though.

I know what your saying. But there was no way it would be a resto project as it's title was erased. It's a junker.
Testing out the fit.

Going to get it ready for a test drive.

Will drill the sleeve and weld it before going out.

So far so good



Looking great. Any chance you could get a storage box between the frame and floor in the front of the trailer. It looks like you've got around 18" of dead space in there. Might be a good place for a battery and ??
Keep up the good work.
Looking great. Any chance you could get a storage box between the frame and floor in the front of the trailer. It looks like you've got around 18" of dead space in there. Might be a good place for a battery and ?? Keep up the good work.

Thanks. For sure was thinking of using that space for butane gas, battery, water pump, heater and small Honda generator.
There has been some developments.

Finished the welding on the front end for the test drive. If after it's first desert outing it's fine will complete welding on plates and corners.

Still have to sand down the loop to fit the leveler.

Things still to do

Install remaining nuts on the wheels.
Install shocks
Instal stabilizer
Install temporary back door
Install hand brake
Install lights and connect to towing FJ.

If all goes well after the test drive will start to

Mocking up the kitchen system
Roof system
Sand blasting
Body work



Here's an update.

Had to bring the top home coz no more room in the new office. Was happy when I put it on the trailer to save space. It's looks cool.

Now I have to see if I'll keep it like this or



Took the trailer out for its first major test drive, pulled it behind the V8 sequoia for test drive on the dunes and it made it all the way into the trail. Over many dunes and it worked well. Also pulled on the highway at speeds up to 120 km per hour.

Was very smooth and balanced.

So will continue with the build.

Now I'm a happy camper




I have an outing this weekend. So Im preparing her till the main build begins.

I've had this roof rack for ages and it does not fit any of my rigs so it had to go. Chopped it up to close the front end of the tub. The rear door is a aluminum sheet that keeps finding it's way into all my rides at some point in their life.



Now if you keep right on driving to Ladysmith with that, I'll take it off your hands! You don't have to do anything more to it! LOL! Looks really good, keep it coming. :cheers:

Hehehe. Thanks

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