figuring out this odd 6th flywheel bolt

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Feb 26, 2015
Coweta, OK
Im looking up part numbers for flywheel bolts (to tc) and Toyota is telling me that of the 6 bolts, one should be green (90119-10789) and the others should be black (90119-10954). All of my bolts appear black, but after many years of oil dripping on them it's possible the green paint has gone.

Does anyone know where the green bolt is supposed to go?

and what is so different about the 6th bolt? they look very similar in photos?

Goes in the hole with a dot next to it slightly diff size if I remember correctly
ok thanks, ill look again. I don't recall seeing a dot, but wasn't really looking for one
The green one has a larger shoulder and goes in FIRST, in the correct hole. This will assure proper alignment so the rest will go right in as you rotate the flywheel to install the rest.

Edit: my wagon had over 400,000 miles and the green one stood out. All covered in the fsm along with the torque value. Dont recall the number though.
thank you! that was helpful info. i did pick up an fsm on here for a great price.... got it on my phone even.... lol, guess i was just being lazy. when I didn't know something, my first reaction was to ask the boys on Mud. Thanks again.
Finding the piece of info you want can be a challange. Didn't mean to come of as check the fsm manual guy. Just letting you know it's in there somewhere.
Also, I was tickled to find that out myself as I thought getting them all in and then torquing around the clock was gonna be a pain. However, it went smooth buddy.

Ps. When you have everything put back together and go to fire it up, dont leave a breaker bar hanging off the balancer bolt. That sound can make a grown man almost soil his drawers.
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its actually all together, so at best I can only see one or 2 bolts at a time.

i decided to pull my plastic inspection cover to make sure my arch reseal was holding tight, and noticed the flywheel bolt looked weird. when i touched it, i could loosten it completely. so, i put it back in and thought it best to go ahead and replace them all since the bolts were so cheap.

not sure what loosened it.... in the past I have used these bolts to hold things while wrenching on the main crank. I must have inadvertently loosened or stretched it back then. glad i noticed it before it came completely loose. I dont wanna find out what a loose hard bolt would do in there,.
yep. I will be! gonna have to look it up in once i get fresh bolts. plan is to change em one at a time. ive not had a reason to have them out before, so im kinda puzzled how/why it happened.
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