Expedition/Camping trailer for sale - CO

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I built this trailer last year and have decided I need something bigger. Basically, its a small camping/military style trailer built from scratch. Slightly smaller than an M416 or M100 or Canadian M101

It has a VIN and title as a homemade trailer with a pink slip and is registered in Colorado. So, a title transfer is simple.

The axle is an 84' mini truck axle with front axle spindles and hub assembly that were added to the end of the axle housing. So, it utilizes the 6x5.5" bolt pattern and outer locking hubs. It also uses standard mini truck wheel bearings(two on each side) which are usually good for 100K miles of use. The housing was rotated to allow you to carry a spare 3rd member in the axle. However, there are no axle shafts in the housing at all, so the pinion won't/can't turn. I doesn't come with a spare 3rd member, but I could build you one for extra $$$ to match your current ratio. The axle ends house locking hubs as well for spares. The springs are stock 88 4runner springs with the overload spring removed, and it runs Bilstein shocks.

The tool box is an aluminum diamond plate box. Unfortunately I lost the keys, but its unlocked anyway. I am sure you could easily replace the lock and key set. It also has a spare tire mount on the front of it up out of the way. Currently it has a standard ball hitch mount on it, but I have towed this trailer all over the U.S. and done some pretty damn tough trails with it behind me without a single issue or binding. I bedlined the inside of the tub, but its peeling a little and could use another couple coats. Its also painted black to match my 4runner.

It tows straight and true and tracks awesome. I have towed it from NE Colorado to SoCal, and to Moab and back. Its a sweet little trailer that can be towed with a 22RE if need be. I haven't actually weighed it, but I would guess that its only around 600lbs dry.

Tires are Bridgestone Dueller A/Ts in great shape. 235x75xR15s. They all match as well. I have other wheels and tires that I can sell with it if you don't like the old school blue razors.

FWIW, I have loaded 2000lbs of steel in this trailer and it still tows great.

Its wired up with a four flat harness and has running lights and all brake/tail lights work. Its basically ready to be towed anywhere.

I am going to ask $1100 obo for it. Its located in Windsor, CO (Fort Collins area)


Here are some pics:



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Nice looking trailer, looks pretty stout. Good luck with the sale.
Nice looking trailer, looks pretty stout. Good luck with the sale.


I wouldn't hesitate to pull it over the Rubicon as it sat right now. This is a VERY solid trailer and a great base to build an expedition trailer on without having to deal with restoring a rusty military trailer.

If anyone would like more pics, just let me know and i can get some.
I would like more pics...of your 4Runner. I'm not looking for a trailer, but pm me when the 1st gen is on the block!

Awesome. I had searched your site for that build...ended up spending several hours reading through the others without ever finding that one.

I will wait to buy the Runner until you have swapped in the new engine.

I hope you have DEEP pockets. :D

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