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Aug 6, 2018
Quezon City, Philippines
Good day everyone!

First post after forever lurking and reading! Great treasure trove of info!

To get to the subject, after much research and reading, I still find myself doubting on having the complete details regarding this engine swap. I wish to ask if I have everything set for this project, namely:

Halfcut KZN130 Surf (RHD)
my LN106 (LHD)

So far I've gathered that I need to do the following modifications:
1. Move engine mounts 40mm back to make engine mount replacement OEM
2. Add the 2nd battery tray (from KZN130) because it's dual battery

And I just need to reuse almost everything connected to the engine:
1. Whole wiring harness
2. Gauge/Instrument Cluster
3. airbox and other small accessories

Now to get to my question:
1. Do I grab the 1kz rad? I heard there might be a fitting issue?
2. Same with the A/C condenser, fitting issue?
3. Transfer case: I heard the KZN's came with a chain driven case while the LNs came with a gear driven case, but since I don't do much extreme four wheeling (occasional trail camping only) I would prefer a drop in conversion. would I be able to use the KZN case? Or do I really need use the LNs (which would require an adapter plate made up) KZN t-case is also push button 4H while LN t-case is manual shift.
4. Rear propeller shaft (tail shaft?) and front propeller shafts? I know I will use the rear from the KZN but I don't know if there's any modification needed.
5. Did I miss anything else?

Hoping for some assistance with the details :) Coming from a HDJ80, the LN106 feels so slow!

Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
I would start with gearbox and t/case identification, it will help with research.

Unless its 24volt, I doubt you really need the second battery. I would leave it till last.
Radiators are easily decided with a tape measure and observing which inlet and outlets are on each side.

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