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Jul 23, 2004
Valley of the Heroes
There ain't one of these in CLC is there?!
No secret, I want to be at Cherokee every first Tuesday of the month.
I do IT work. Most recently, Workstation support for 5000+ users. But I'm most accustomed to an environment of a small-medium sized company where I did everything IT.
I've managed entry level users as well. And can supply great references from my former immediate bosses.
I need to polish my resume, but there's some attractive jobs in North Jackson...

My current environment is incorporating helpdesk folks from other countries and it's slowing my workday more than I can handle... frustrating and messing with my whole constitution.
Good idea Eric. I have been wanting to do a thread like this so folks in Cottonland know what we do so we can help each other out.

I have a Fedex Authorized Ship Center and Copy shop in Flowood.

Home | Mailitandcopy

I do Color and Black and white digital copying, promotional materials, banners, shipping, packaging, BUSINESS Cards, moving and packing supplies.

If you are on Facebook "Like" my page, Mail It and Copy
I think E is hunting for a job in Jackson (i know you know this so bring on the smart ass comment). I'll keep an eye out for ya E. Hope you can get over this way.
If anyone is or knows an unemployed pharma rep, give me a holler. I need someone to make sales calls to primary care docs and just about everyone who's title ends in "ist." You would be selling medical equipment as a 1099er. I won't be babysitting you so you need to be able to get it done on your own. The plus side is that I won't be babysitting you so it will allow you to get it done on your own.

E, I know the CEO of a locally owned electronic medical records company and can pass him your resume along with a good word. I also have 3 close friends that are in the IT dept at UMMC. Let me know if I can help.
If you are on Facebook "Like" my page, Mail It and Copy

What ya'll think about an entertainment lounge around the corner from Ichiban called "Nail It and Sloppy"?
I got dolla bills yall!
Dearman works on whatever you got.......

Dearmancorp Properties- Owner, Property Management, consulting, and investments

Charlotte Smith Real Estate- Sales Agent specializing in Commercial and investment properties

Southern Lumber Company- Forester, Partial Owner, Board of Directors

Eastover Insurance Group- Account Executive, Large account specialist operating primarily in Forestry Industries

Wifey-Ultrasound Tech, Woman's Hospital
E, you need to get your resume to fountainhead. He does computer work for the gov't over at Vicksburg. Send a copy as well to Debbie, she can forward it ti the IT department for the school district.
There are a bunch of automotive related companies in the gluckstadt, canton area

Tower automotive

There is also
ITT tech ( are you qualified to teach ?)
Cardinal health

I think it's a matter of getting your resume out there and showing up with it, then put yourself on their radar by calling and showing up till you get the job. Just my 2 cents
Send a copy as well to Debbie,

resume is polished and ready to go to whoever thinks they can germinate it.
email me at "ericnhagan" it's a yahoo address and i can forward: resume, references, cover letter, letter of recommendation from former employer.

Thanks guys!

There's alot of jobs open in the Canton and Ridgeland area that I'll be sending to...

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