Echo blower help

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Trunk Monkey

Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
Neighbor brought me his Echo PB251 blower. It would idle and occasionally be able to throttle up, but once it was at max, it would die out. I figured it was the carb and ethanol gas. Ordered a replacement kit off Amazon, replaced:

- carb
- spark plug
- fuel lines
- fuel filter
- air filter

Still showing same symptoms. Starts just fine, idles, but won't throttle up. Occasionally I am able to feather the throttle up and get it to max power. Once it gets there it will cycle up and down as normal with the throttle and if I shut it off, it will behave as normal when I restart it. But, leave it for an hour, back to the old problem.

I also checked the muffler and spark arrestor, no oil present. Neighbor commented he thought his gas mix was off, the fuel I drained out was definitely darker than the 50:1 I replaced it with. He'd already taken it in to a shop and they'd told him the fuel mix had killed it. Not sure what that means.

Any ideas on what to try next?
These engines are really simple. If they start, but don't run well, it's usually a fuel problem. Bad fuel mix will cause poor performance, but it's correctable, by replacing the fuel. Permanent damage would mean the engine would seize and not run at all.

You've replaced everything that can cause this, which is faulty fuel flow. It's usually caused by trash in the carb. The galleys are so small that anything that gets near them will clog them. Ethanol gas is especially bad, because it attracts water which clogs those passages.

You didn't mention whether or not it has a primer bulb. Sometimes these come with the new carb. If yours does have the bulb, and you didn't replace it, try that. If the bulb is broken, it'll weaken the fuel mix by allowing too much air into the combustion chamber.

If that doesn't work, you may still have carb problems. Chinesium carbs are bad about that.
Easy but a little time consuming to repair a crankcase gasket.


Sometimes turning the unit (blower, chainsaw, other) on its side (crank perpendicular to the ground) will reveal a bad crankcase gasket.

Inexpensive part, but usually no fun to replace as you say.

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