Ebay swingout bumper - presumably trash

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Sep 20, 2021
I backed into a pole last weekend. Body shop wants close to $3k to repair.

I am not a huge fan of big heavy rear bumpers, and have stated that multiple times.. However... at $1300 shipped? Seller claims a total of 110 lbs, can't imagine it is that beefy. Looks like a dobinsons knockoff which is 150 lbs. The swingouts are removable so I can leave them off to avoid mall crawling between trips.

Why the hell not? I clearly have more money than sense. This will cover up most of the damage. Shipped in about 3 days. Arriving this afternoon. I fully expect this will be garbage... is anyone else running this rear bumper that can tell me otherwise?

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 9.35.05 AM.png
Curious to see more about this. Never would have guessed you would do something like this but good on ya. Post more pix!!
Actually doesn’t look bad especially for that price! I see he’s also got a front bumper too. Kinda big and bulky though. I’d say go for it!!
So my theory on the front bumper remains to buy a good one like ARB. I wouldn't buy this guys Chinese knockoff. A quality front bumper is way more important in my opinion, especially when fitting a winch and trusting the pull ratings.

I don't think I could build this rear bumper in my garage for less than $1300 so I want to be very clear about my low low low expectations on the quality of both materials and workmanship.
I’m curious if this goes over the inner rear crash bar or replaces it. Also if my trailer hitch will still work.
But for that type of money even if you need to modify it or add some support it maybe a win win situation!
Insurance giving you $3k and you pocketing half after buying a junk rear bumper? Lol

I hope the bumper exceeds your super low expectations. Maybe that rear bumper is made in USA in someone’s garage.

As you get older, Armour is to protect you from your own mistakes! Lol
There are a couple people in GXOR Facebook group that own that bumper. It's a replica of Kaymar bunmper. Both seems happy with their purchase.
Better than expected.

The good;
- Fits well
- No rattles / squeaks over bumps on test run
- Slimmer profile than expected
- Wheel is low and does not block window
- seller responded fast, and offered some money back for minor issues
- total time took about 5 hours including trip to store and dinner, not including light wiring… saving that for another time

The bad:
- tire carrier did not fit into mount without a sledgehammer installation
- No instructions made install a bit of a game. Lights go on first, had to remove bumper after realizing that.
- Some chipping on powdercoat in shipping.
- Flimsy corners (bumper wobbles with tire on, swingout in open position)
- Lugnut studs came as m12x1.25… not standard toyota… but they sent m12x1.5 lugs. Had to get lugnuts at oreilly to mount tire
- Some missing hardware
- lights are cheap garbage that I cannot imagine will last long, which is a bummer since replacement requires bumper removal.
- Does not appear factory hitch works, but I have the little POS one that mounts to bumper steel
- Had to drill for license plate, holes are not spaced for US size plate
- license plate bolts poke into Nato can holder, will require some care when using or bolts will likely wear a hole into fuel can
- Rust will come soon, guaranteed

Overall, not bad for $1300 but you get what you pay for and it’s a cheap bumper made in china.
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Threw in a bunch of Bison Gear bulls*** and finally installed my Dobinsons drawers a couple days ago too.

Thank you! The bumper doesn’t look too bad! Only time will tell on longevity. Lot of bumper for the price. Curious if a frame mounted trailer hitch will fit with it. I gotta have a hitch. Nice truck!
How do you like the dropdown table?

What's the vinyl thingy??

It’s a bag for storing little things. Bison Gear makes it.

It’s a bag for storing little things. Bison Gear makes it.
Installed my bumper yesterday. Agree with JT almost to the letter down to sledge hammering the tire carrier in and wrong lug nuts.... Pleasantly surprised at the packaging, and fit. More robust than I expected, but likely to chip and rust soon.

Frame mount receiver hitch absolutely fits and works without interference, but must be removed and installed over the bumper as they share mount points. 7 pin connector required some notching, but mounted back in its original location. 2nd swingout will prolly interfere with NashFabCo ladder so I skipped it for now.

Threw in a bunch of Bison Gear bulls*** and finally installed my Dobinsons drawers a couple days ago too.

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That actually looks pretty good. I have the Metal Tech and it still involved a lot of pounding, fab, and other unorthodox installation techniques. This is partially because my 2004 GX has >300,000 on the clock, but also some poor design and poor attention to details in the factory.

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