Ebay: 1984 BJ42

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I don't understand, are you the seller, or a potential buyer looking for advice?

Assuming you are looking for a rig that will last, I wouldn't buy anything out of Winnipeg unless it's been parked winters. Fresher paint and winter pics don't bode well in my opinion.
Sorry if I wasn't clear. I would be the buyer.

There are, I think, worse places than Winnipeg for winters as far as wear and tear on vehicles. It's too cold for salt normally, but they don't skimp on the sand. And it can be crazy cold sometimes so heaters are a must!

True we see more salt out here, but I saw plenty when I lived in Manitoba. Give it a good look over for potential trouble brewing under the paint, and get underneath to check behind the rear axle where road spray is most intense. I don't know diesels and 40s to know what specific to watch out for on those fronts.

Do you live part time in Manitoba, or are just in Winnipeg for business (or pleasure :lol:) ?
There are signs of minor rust at the front side seams. This seems to be common on the 40s. I wonder if the repairs are simple? The backside of that seam would be the firewall, I guess?

Seller says that with the new paint came a new windshield frame, a new front apron, and new Toyota front fenders.

I'm back home in Winnipeg to stay after some years in Cayman. If I could find another '98 70 with a 1HZ I would be a happy guy.


My .o2..

I'm getting a pretty good vibe from this ad - I do agree the big thing missing is "key" photos I always ask for:

1 - rear section of frame, and crossmember - shackle supports.
2 - shot of where the rails are riveted together - any "forced separation" by expanding rust?
3 - under and up behind the back rim under the amb doors. all the way along with a few picks.

I like the "splits in the drivers seat, and some other tell tale signs the seller is being honest - the engine compartment looks virgin. I like the "free delivery world wide thing" - this should get some barganing room if you can pick up (budget could be 3K anywhere in US).

As well, not having to export will add to the seller's want to sell to you.

Looks like the paint ain't just fresh, but watch that one shot that looks like bondo (may just be a salt line rust on the seam).

Me likey - nice truck, but out of my $ range - I like to build from a $600 heap, so I know most of the "problems"...

Bring a tarp to lay on the ground for at least 20 min...

Hope I was helpful
Well, I just missed this after bidding on ebay. It went for $13,200.

I saw the seam rust though, and I also knew that the windshield had be replaced before my jurisdiction would let me get a license plate on it. I don't think the other bidders knew about that. The roof gutters were suspect and the underside needed rust cleaning and coating. The running board rails were showing rust damage, but they were attached to solid metal on the body.

Mechanically, it seemed really tight to me. Motor sounded good with no smoke. Power steering and 5 spd made it a very civilized ride.

The modern wheels and stereo weren't really to my taste anyway. :crybaby:

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