E-locker Actuator Proctection Plate

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Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
I have seen several pictures (I can't remember where I saw them at the moment) of protection plates for the e-locker actuators and want to know where to get them. I'd just make my own, but the ones I've seen look a lot more custom and form fitted than I could probably come up with. Anyone have these? Where'd ya get 'em?

No, sorry didn't make them yet. The way I was going to do it is as part of a whole carrier plate. Flu had me down for the last three weeks.
Hey Bill,

3 weeks! Man, that sounds brutal. Glad you're feeling better.

So, has anybody actually used RORE's actuator skid plates? More specifically, on the site he lists them for the FRONT of an 80, but has anybody ran one on the REAR? I know the front actuator is situated a little different than the rear... Any chance the one from the front might bolt up to the rear as well? Rauri doesn't sell 'em specifically for the rears and he is unsure if it will work on the rear. And I ran into a road-block for fabbin' up my own and I wanna go wheelin' and the wheelin' around here this time of the year is SNOWY and I don't wanna kill the actuators on a hidden rock or something so I'm thinkin' of springin' for these if they'll work on mine--and they should work on mine if they work on REARS of 80s.

We have the rear e-guards now available.


Slee - Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser - E Locker Skidplate

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