Driveshafts ??

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May 17, 2003
Im going to start ordering parts for my truck right after christmas. :D Im doing a 4" skyjacker lift, and 1.5" shackles. Am I going to need anything done to my driveshafts. I might not do the shackles, especially if i ahve to modify the driveshaft. Thanks

actulyyou will have to do do somthing with your drivelines when tou liftn aq truck th e rear end is farther away from the fulcrom point ofn the transfer case in other words its extended from the transfer case a 2 inch lift opr less and u can reliably drive the truck with a 4 inch lift you need to retube or get new drivelines made thers also an issue of travel articulation etc if your using blocks the travel is the same because of the stops if your puting a spring lift then thers more travel more articulation- more twisting u can do i recomend you put the lift kit i9n check rour pinion angel make sure that alls in order take mesurements from flange to flange and call me 602-997-0906

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