Driver side window suddenly works

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Jun 22, 2011
Springfield, OR
Hasn't worked since i bought the truck last September.

Suddenly the driver side electric window on my 91 works like there was never a problem.

I was going to tear into it tomorrow since i'm doing a couple other things on it.

WTF? Kinda tough to fix it when it's working right :)

Maybe just check the connector?

When i first bought it (as in first week) i had to push down on the button then beat on the door a little to get it to work. Then it just quit altogether.
You should play the Lottery.

Glad it's working.
Lol! Most likely the wiring harness between the body and door. Every now and again my passenger decides it's done, but if I open the door slowly while holding the switch there is a sweet spot where it starts working again.

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