Doors unlock constantly

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Dec 9, 2010
Amelia (east of cincy) ohio
I had to remove my door panel to fix my window. It came off the track. While I was in there I noticed if I wiggled the harness the doors would unlock. Put it all back together and now the doors constantly unlock. Going to pull it back apart but what exactly should I look for? The door locks worked normally before this.
Check the kick panel near the hinges on the drivers side. In this thread I talk about changing the alarm, you can see where those areas are:


I have noted in there:

"Blue/Yellow AND Blue/Orange - Unlock. BOTH require a diode, and BOTH need to be tied together after the diode. Again, this should already be in place from the original alarm install. Mine was connected to a pink/white wire."

I'm going to guess one or both of these wires is grounding out.
Driving down the read you hear the doors trying to unlock if you try to lock them the immediately unlock. Ignition off but door closed and lock the doors they immediately unlock. Ignition off key out doors closed lock and they stay locked. I will open the panel tonight. I have been working late the past few days

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