Do you know the Russian candle?

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Apr 26, 2009
Russia. Moscow
Hello from Russia. :):):) I want to be partaken with you by the simple method of illumination of camp in-field. On the Russian candle similarly comfortably to warm water. A minimum of firewoods at a maximum of heat and light. So...

We take a dry log and saw him as on a photo...
Then we inundate an a bit fuel (50-100 gr.)... We set on fire and enjoy a heat a few hours...;)
great tip!
no, I had not yet seen this.

(we also have to be careful about wildfires around here, so there are places we can only do fires in a ring on the ground etc etc)
Great tip, I had not seen that before.
Voron, when you say fuel you mean Diesel I imagine?
hey voron,,,, i have always liked kerosene for these candles, have you tried that?
You can also do this by splitting with an ax... no need for a chainsaw if you do not have one anyway.... and you can use a lager log and split it into more sections. Fuel works, but you can also build a small starter fire in the center if you do no have any fuel handy.

This type of fire burns a long time for the amount of wood used.

They are very popular in europe and the rumor is that swedish forest workers invented them for cooking their food or boiling coffee on top them, its a nice stand for a cooking pot.
very slick!
This works great! I have used this method when I just want a small and hot fire in a limited or small space!
That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try it out...

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