Do I have to use spring compressors?

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Dec 4, 2016
on the road again....
I'm about to put on my OME coil overs. I know people use spring compressors and I can borrow some but it seems like I saw a post where it was done without compressors and somehow lowering the vehicle to compress the springs.

Maybe I dreamed it??? Advice appreciated. Thanks guys

I've only ever used a spring compressor to assemble or disassemble a coil over/strut. Installation on the 200 involved a piece of steel tubing I used as a prybar to leverage the lower control arms down.
Do the fronts come put together? If not you may need a spring compressor. For the rear you won't.
You'll need an *appropriately* sized spring compressor to assemble the fronts safely. One option is to remove your front coil overs and take them along with the new OME springs/shocks to an automotive shop. They can use your existing coil overs to get the alignment correct on the new coil overs. You can then proceed to install them.
gotcha......I'm unpacking the crate as we speak. Slee does bomb proof packing........

My front bumper arrived separately packed weighing 271lbs, Lol. Must be 171 lbs of pallet and packing more or less
You can borrow a spring compression kit from autozone or similar if you want to go the diy route. Its a PITA though
You can do it using the truck.
Loosen the nut on the top of the shock. Just break it loose.
Install the coilover. Use a floor jack on the lower control arm to compress the spring. Now loosen the nut on the top. Slowly lower the jack and the shock will come out of the spring.
Now remove the top hat of the coilover.
If you need more detailed instructions, search the tundra forums. They have the same suspension set up.
Some of the spring compressors automotive stores have to lend out are really intended for light weight automotive springs.
Aha......I knew I had seen a post about doing it without spring compressors

thanks a lot

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