Dizzy change, ignition coil too?

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Apr 12, 2005
Minneapolis, MN
I just got a 76 dizzy w/ vacuum advance, an upgrade from a 9/72 with retard. My question is SOR says that if you buy their non-USA dizzy (retard to advance) that you need to upgrade your coil. Does this apply to this 76 dizzy? Will I need a coil from a 76 or can I just hook it all up as is? I think I should be fine, but just making sure. Also how important is it to change the clamp?
I personally would put a new coil in place. If the coil is a Toyota, it should fit the clamp ok. Remember, the clamp is to be grounded to the block, fender and firewall for optimum ignition. The older coil may not be designed for 12 volts and require a "ballast" resistor (0.8 ohm); which would be eqpt on a 1972 FJ40. Oddly enough, my old stock coil on my 1980 [90919-02083] is labeled "use with external resistor"; which I don't have.

My system is a mallory points distributor with Jacobs computer system and coil.

Never hurts to have a few extra ignition parts around.

Tech information:

Dist info:


I guess my question is now: What coil? and do I just need the coil or do I need the whole set up from a 76-77?
Do you have a picture of the distributor? it might help.

SOR generally sells an 'early' vacuum advance dizzy, which is the same kind Downey and I sell as well.

Those distributors will work fine with your stock 72 coil.


Mark A.
Heres a picture



It's a late 76, other then that the part number is 2F in one box and 2U2 4 in the other.
The reason I thought that it was a 76 was the person I bought it from said it came off of his 76 2F. If it is something different please tell me as I am not well versed in distributor types, which is why I am glad to see you (JimC) taking a look. It is for a 2F, but maybe non-USA? I can get part #"s if needed. Thanks for taking the time.
That could be a 69 vacuum advance just like the one that came off mine.
The coil you have will work fine if it worked with the old distributor. If it has a ballast resistor, use it; if not don't.
:doh: WTF, thats what I get for not asking you guys what it was before I bought it. Well at least it's vac advance, that's what I was looking for. Thanks for asking all my questions. So with this information (year of dizzy) I should just leave everything just how it was and install this dizzy, right?

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