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Feb 3, 2020
Deer Park, WA
I have 3 vac advance distributors (and 3 vac retards too!) and I want to swap one into my 1970 F engine but I need help picking which is best. They may not look great, but whichever I choose will be cleaned up/rebuilt. I plan on installing pertronix into whichever I choose. Talking with @65swb45 about that later this week. Just wanted to figure out what I’ve got before then. The one with the clear plastic octane adjuster looks the best to start with.
Well I just put vacuum to all 3 and all the cans are good but the one on the right/ top is a vacuum retard as well but advancer/retarder is on same side as would be for an advance distributor.
Only the one with the octane selector knob is a vacuum advance. Though the other two have diaphragms on the forward side, vacuum does not work in the forward direction
Addionally the one you have in not, OEM but OE, which in this case means that it’s much newer than the other two.

That’s the clear choice here.😊
If this is any help; this is the one @65swb45 hooked me up with for our 1970. Has Pertronix ignition and coil.

I believe the left/bottom one is 74 or earlier as it is smaller cap than the other 2.
Thanks @65swb45 at least now I won’t have to explain these over the phone. So the small cap, actual vacuum advance is the one I’ll go with. Now I guess I have 5 vacuum retard distributors…..
I believe the left/bottom one is 74 or earlier as it is smaller cap than the other 2.
It was originally marketed to the 1968 and older market, and was the gold standard for world market replacement (same level of legendary performance as an 8274 winch!)
Now the one Mark just posted is its rival.

Legends die hard, so even though the 61180 has improved counterweight bushings, the 60061 is still my go-to.

I just took the time to refurbish one like yours two weeks ago. In my world of limited work time, that should tell you how much I believe in them.😉
Funny enough, I just found another distributor I have and it’s identical!
The 19100-60061 vacuum advance is what i`m running in my `69 with an early 70's carb that has ported vacuum added. Good stuff. 👍
I plan on a sniper conversion in the future so sorting out all the supporting/important bits beforehand. I knew the vacuum retard was going away regardless.

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