Diesel Mecanic to come inspect repairs & clear Notice

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Apr 2, 2008
Victoria, BC
I got myself a repair order from a Peace Office. Fuel system has a leak under pressure and I can't drive it again till it's repaired and inspected. Rather not pay to have the Ambulance towed to a repair shop to have it inspected. I'd much rather give someone a case of beer & or pay to have them inspect it in my driveway and clear the notice. If I drive it to the shop it's a $600 fine.

On the way home I noticed a faint fuel smell. By the time I realized what was going on it was too late and there was a trail on the road. I'll be fixing the problem and replacing as needed to ensure it doesn't happen again... Ever!
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There is a guy who drives around Nanaimo with a old school Bronco who is a mobile
mechanic. Just google mobile mechanic, should find a guy.
I'm going to Google also, thought I'd also ask... Needs to be someone who can clear the repair order out of the comercial vehicle system.
It'll be tough to find someone who wants troubleshoot a heui system in a driveway for beer. Access to that pump and injectors with everything else in the way isn't very easy without a shop, tools and a hoist.
Just saying!
I've got a couple good buddies up island that are very familiar with powerstrokes but they work shift work. I'll send a text and see, but doubtful.
I'll let you know.
Problem is repaired. Valve stem came out of the schraider valve. Stupidly easy fix... Still need the fuel system inspected to ensure it's no longer leaking... By someone authorized to inspect.

Beer on way home, cash, cheque, credit card... Don't care... Just need it cleared before driving it.
I'm happy to pay a reasonable amount for the inspection of the formally leaking system. Beer is meant as more to motivate someone to come to the truck rather than tow it to the shop.

Repair is done and can show video of leak and the part that failed. It's likely a 10-15 minute job.
Found a mechanic... To make cops happy need to do full VI. Only other thing to fix was a fracked leaf spring. It just got moved up the to do list. Parts are on order, and will be back on the road soon.

Send me a PM if you need the mechanics number.

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