Diesel Engine Run away

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Sep 13, 2020
Hi there. Am new and a novice. Feels great to join the group with so much technical knowledge.

Have a '92 1HD-T. Owned it since 2012. About a year ago, I bought what should have been contaminated diesel - in Zim the liquid is not always available- sometimes even a supply from a small service station will do. Engine ran rough until the car was not starting ( within 2 days of topping up the 20 ltrs of "Bad Diesel".) Local Mechanic recommended Injector pump and injector service.
I replaced 4 injector nozzles and had pump serviced. The mechanic seconded "his boys to fit back the pump and injectors.
Idling was still rough, and power was very low. It had white smoke. I drove the car to the mechanic's workshop and as I was getting there, the car just increased its speed twice. 2nd time was as I was getting into the parking lot. Then it cut off. There was a leak of a mixture of diesel and oil on the pavement. The mechanics looked at the motor and tried to run it. AN INSANE REV and thick cloud of smoke was the result. VERY SCARY. They had to block the air inlet and within minute we were all quiet gain. They blamed it on worn piston rings and/or an out of service turbo.
I wasn't convinced but I'm no mechanic. My feeling was that something was wrong with the pump. Either the service or the front seal at fitting. Went to Cruiser specialists (whom I can not afford for routine service!). They agreed with me. I got the pump serviced again, this time by an Injector pump specialist they recommended. $$$$! Was told the Head was not the original and replacement was of poor quality. A few other technical stuff. "Shoddy job had been done", I was told.
Pump was put back on motor and I changed engine oil, cleaned fuel lines including lowering tank, changed filters.

The engine is running well... in the workshop, on flat tyres.... Compression is said to be good. Anything I should check before driving away. WORRIED ABOUT A REPEAT run away which may happen when I'm driving!

You should post this over in the diesel section... you'll get better responses there. Just to be sure... you didn't have the mechanical linkage hang, did you? Was the aneroid/boost compensator installed correctly?
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