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I have a Little Giant Trailer and SummitHaus tent by Let’s Go Aero for sale. It is a great alternative to a RTT and Trailer as it can be used as a utility trailer on its own with the tent. 3/4 ton load capacity. It is extremely lightweight pulls easily with small cars or Land Cruisers (we have an LX) including highway, improved, and the Colorado high country off-roads and the spacious SummitHaus Camping Tent sets up to provide an extra tall 6ft 6in camping trailer. We’re selling it because we actually bought a second one with a different tent. I wanted to post it here before it goes up on CL or FB marketplace as I think mud is the ideal audience for this trailer! The trailer needs to have some Velcro fixed for the tent to fit perfectly. I’m planning on doing that, but would be willing to negotiate price if a buyer wants to take that task on. Tent set up takes about 20 minutes once you get the hang of it. First few times go a bit slower. Torsion axle was recently greased with full synthetic Green Grease.

Info from website:
Features and Specifications:
* 7ft. 2in. L x 4ft. 6in. W x 24in. H trailer bed interior, solid walled pickup bed form and function contains all forms of cargo, from light-duty industrial equipment to personal travel and living gear
*Includes Camping Trailer Expansion Decking
*SummitHaus Tent included 4 main body tent poles and rainfly
* Lightweight 450 lbs for Class I small Car Towing with 30 lb tongue weight
* Removable front and rear end gates
* All-galvanized trailer body (hot dip) steel construction, 12 to 18 gauge
* Integrated C-Channel track on sidewalls for cargo management and modular attachments
* Torsion axle with grease bearing system for independent and rubber dampened wheel, suspension, strength, and low maintenance
* A-Frame trailer tongue with 2-inch coupler
* 13-inch tires (24-inch diameter), silver rims
* stop, turn, tail lights with license plate illumination
* Marine Jack
* Trailer cover
  • Comfortably sleeps up to four people with storage and standing room; 6ft.6in. interior height
  • Light aluminum Camper Deck Wing Side Panels set up outward using sidewall track and base mount hardwares for telescoping support arms
  • Trailer end gates fit along sidewall track for three-sided surface area for sleeping; stow gear underneath in trailer bed, or mixture thereof
  • Levelers included for mobility and stability off the hitch
  • Waterproof & Ripstop: The shelter’s fabric is made of tough, polyester with 185 D Nylon Ripstop. A polyurethane coating gives the fabric a 2,000mm PU waterproof rating. This is about three times the waterproof rating of a typical tent bought at a sporting goods store.
  • Compact Storage: The tent and the poles are conveniently stored in a compact canvas bag weighing 25 lb while the two 26 lb lightweight aluminum deck wings store vertically along the inside side walls of the trailer bed. Now there is plenty of room for all your other camping gear and for using the Trailer for other jobs.
  • SummitHaus tent with screen ceiling/sky view, deck panel covers. Rain fly with Tie-Outs and Tie-Ins (self contained anchors


Looking to get $3700. Willing to negotiate regarding regluing of Velcro.
Price new: trailer=$3200, tent=$2000, cover=$450
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