For Sale Denver, Co; 1997 Lexus LX450 (2 Viewers)

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX450
Breckenridge, Colorado 80424 United States
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1997 LEXUS LX450, 194000 MILES, REPLACED ENGINE WHICH HAD 148000 ON IT, Runs perfect, temp never climbs up over 180, does not leak oil and does not burn oil, rebuilt front axle new bearings and brake pads front and rear, has 12.50 35 all terrain tires on it, could easily fit 37s on it, Ironman 4 in lift with foam cell shocks and heavy springs, adjustable panhard bars front and rear also Ironman, lower adjustable track arms on rear axle, I made my own Panhard correction bracket for the rear axle, front drop brackets for track bars, has the lowering brackets for the sway bars, front winch bumper with 12000 lb warn winch never used, Baja lights on front bumper, swing out tire carrier rear bumper with swing out ladder and gas can holder, Rear drawer system with fridge slideout, wiring ran to back from front battery, Lithium battery for the rear, solar setup for that battery, roof rack is full rack and has a 23 zero tent with annex, this is the big tent, windows tinted, absolutely no rust on vehicle, pulled all interior out and sound deadening put in the whole vehicle floor and inside doors, This truck is ready to travel and camp, did all the work to it and never really used much, we took it out last fall for 5 day camping trip, 0 temps it always starts right up, just put a new start battery in, has new alternator and I have a new 2.5 starter that goes with it, has 3d printed cup holders in front, has the storage in the rear tailgate, also jack shovel and gas cans,2nd row seats are out and will go with, I do not have the 3rd row seats, EGR deleted, also removed catalectic converts but have them and they will go with vehicle, I have a lot of spare parts that will go with vehicle. It is not perfect but it is straight solid and no rust, I am asking $19500 the way it sits, PRICE REDUCES, 12000$ WILL SEPARATE THE TENT AND DRAWERS,

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I know it's probably a little bit of a sore subject, but can you characterize HOW the head gasket blew? The circumstances around how the vehicle was being used when it went? Was it shut down as soon as it overheated? Limped a particular distance? I'm just trying to identify how much associated damage potentially occurred. Did it seize up? Another question...Title says Denver, FB says Breckenridge, your avatar says Buena Vista...where is the truck?
Oh, and...

Is the RTT included in the sale?
Yes the RTT goes with sale. The drawers do not go. They are for my 4 runner. Basicly it got hot on e and I pulled over and the heater hose was leaking behind the head. I cooked it down added water and drive it home. Or go the rv park we are at. We are in Breckenridge Colorado. And no the engine is not damaged. I changed oil this morning and drained the coolant system and refilled with water. It is running as we speak. I just took it down the road ten miles and it is not over heating. I am sure the head gasket is compromised but we are going to take it on the trails tomorrow and see what happens. I think probably it will be fine as it is not bubbling out of radiator. You can call me if you want. 575-200-4732
So after doing a lot of diagnosing I blew a heater hose and after fixing that I did a pressure test and have been driving it a lot and head gasket is good after all,, the price is 12,000$

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