Denso A/C compressor question

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Apr 9, 2009
Mason, Texas
9 months ago I replaced all a/c components on my 1997 80 and recharged the system. Yesterday the new Denso A/C compressor started "sqealing" loudly. I assume the clutch is bad.

Can the clutch be replaced with out removing the compressor? Will I lose the freon charge? What tools are needed required?

Any advice will be much appreciated! Thanks!
I wouldn't assume the squealing noise is your A/C clutch. Remove the single belt to the compressor, spin the tensioner pulley and see what it feels/sounds like. Then spin the compressor pulley and check it. IF they are O.K. check the air gap on your compressor clutch. Make sure your belt tension is correct and the that the belt isn't glazed.

Only after checking those things would I suspect the clutch or compressor itself. Yes, you can remove the clutch while the compressor is still in the vehicle (though not easy to reach). No, you will not lose any refrigerant charge changing out a clutch.

Tools: Ratchet, Sockets, Snap ring pliers, flat screwdriver, hammer (if you need to tap the clutch off).
Does it squeal all of the time? If it only happens after it's been running for a bit, what is the high side pressure when it starts squealing? For a true Denso clutch, buying a new compressor with the clutch is cheaper than a clutch.
It only squeals at lower/in town speeds. It's fine at highway speeds. I replaced the tensioner and belt when I replaced the compressor last August. I'll look at it closer after work. Thanks!

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