DELETED: Veterans for Standing Rock

Feb 4, 2014
Las Vegas
I've deleted the Veterans for Standing Rock Thread.

Even though I posted it as "If anyone is interested", it was apparently offensive to some of you... And, I'm sure, most everyone has seen my post by now anyway.

That was never my intent... Nor was it my intent to try to sway anyone one way or the other... I was merely attempting to spread the word... As I said, "If anyone is interested"...

I made the same attempt at bringing the Veterans Suicide rate push-up challenge fund raiser to everyone's attention and encountered the same type of vitriolic rhetoric... I deleted that thread as well.

I spent almost a third of my life, serving my country... Not because the pay and benefits were so great... But, because I believed in my country.

But, I no longer recognize this country... Nor do I understand the divisiveness and rage that exists today.

I'm simply too old to spend the rest of my life worrying about things over which I have no control... And I'm rapidly becoming a grouchy old man... That's not who I want to be.

From today forward, I will NOT post anything, on MUD that may be construed as an opinion or a position... And I will NOT engage with anyone who comes with an attitude... This is NOT Chat... Please take your attitudes to Chat or its sub-threads.

... And, regardless of woody's arbitrary 'moderator assignment', I am NOT the Veterans Highway moderator, going forward.

I haven't copied Woody on this thread, in case y'all want to try to keep this forum going... But, if there is interest in retaining the forum, y'all will need to self-moderate... Or, someone volunteer to take over as moderator.

If activity on this forum doesn't pick back up, Woody will likely eliminate it anyway.

At any rate, I'm done... I'm healthy again and I'm going to live the remainder of my life to the fullest... And that means, in 44, with daBoise, in the solitude of the Big Empty... And that does NOT include worrying about hurting someone's feelings, simply because everyone is looking for a fight nowadays.

I wish you all best!!

Jan 12, 2015
Clarksville, Tennessee
In today's information age, it's simply not good enough to have good intentions.

Op-Ed: Did Wesley Clark Jr. Steal $1.1 Million In Donations From Veterans?

The Standing Rock issue is built utterly on lies and the idiot veterans who went there and apologized to Indians for our war against them brought dishonor upon them. Last time I checked, the Lakota have yet to apologize their own conquest against those who were on that land before them. Nor have the Lakota apologized for their actions during that 300 year war, which ended in their defeat.

And obtw, the protest violates several Federal and local laws against trespassing. The pipeline doesn't come on Lakota land, and it doesn't infringe any recognized "sacred land". The Lakota Sioux were given plenty of time and opportunity to provide input for the DAPL, which they failed to respond to. Most people who live in the area that I've talked to say that the Lakota tribe wants a big cash payoff.

Having grown up in the area, I don't have the correct worshipful attitude for the Lakota, or any other Tribal group for that matter.

If you think telling the truth equates to "looking for a fight", there is nothing else I can say.
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