For Sale Cummins 4BT with Chevy auto + accessories

Mar 30, 2016
Hi everybody,

First off, I would like to let you know that even though this is showing as my first post, “it isn’t”. I have been away from here for a long time. I think my original username was YVFJs, but I’m not sure. I tried to log several times with that username and it didn’t work. Maybe I’m missing a letter, space, -, /, or a combination. Didn't work, so I created a new username… all this because I understand how a new user selling right from the beginning could be perceived.

Now about what I’m selling:

Cummins 4BT (R-Pump) with GM auto transmission and everything from the engine compartment (hydroboost, radiator, engine/frame mounts, etc.). Basically the front of the StepVan chassis (still with from wheels) and a 2” hitch receiver to put a drag-bar and tow it away.

Condition: Running when parting StepVan – StepVan was driven aprox 50 miles from purchased place to parting location.

Price $3,500

Location: US – Pennsylvania (south-central)

Please let me know if anybody is interested



P.D. Also have a 6BT (R-Pump also), but that one is just the engine. Circa 1992 with only 11K miles on it. I'll give all details of that one later... don't want to get in troubles for not posting price...
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