Crawlorado Hood Blackout Material Upgrade

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Sep 28, 2003
i have now been selling these Hood Blackouts for about 3 years. unfortunatly they are tricky to install, and i have had a few people need to re-order because of issues durring install.

I have found a new material that is easier to work with, Its 3M's newest vinyl specificly for this type of an application! this vinyl makes the job easy for a novice!


Crawlorado - Rock Crawling 4x4 Colorado Style

Crawlorado Store - FJ Cruiser
Crawlorado Store - FZJ80
Crawlorado Store - 100 Series Land Cruiser Hood Blackout
Crawlorado Store - Toyota Tacoma Hood Blackout
Crawlorado Store - Toyota 4runner Hood Blackout 3rd Generation

Please Contact me if you have another Vehicle that you would like a decal for that is not currently on my website!
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did i buy a 2 piece FJ/ BJ40 hood lackout from you couple years ago. Just wanted to say it was easy to put on with window tint spray kit and has been doing great since. Awesome product and one of the best mods I have done thus far to my cruiser

Wow that looks killer!

i may have to get one from you :)
I enjoy it, with a flat windshield and gloss paint I would be blind by now. Went on easy, and hasnt faded or even attempted to come off. Great Product

i would like to order another set like i got from you. I am going to repaint my rig. Hit me up


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