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Most of you guys know the deal with my 80.

1992, 185k, Charcoal Grey

-.040 off the head
-pocket ported
-all new gaskets (head was warped, milled flat, no issues + more power)
-de-smogged, Completely (exhaust leaks where I straight piped the cats, need a little touching up, glasspack muffler)
-new intake hoses
-full tune-up 2 years ago (plugs, wires, cap, rotor button, thermostat, pcv)
-<20k on rebuilt front axle (all Toyota parts)
-<100k mi coil/igniter
-<100k AFM (MAF sensor) richened several teeth from stock, removing EGR requires this
-more in the ROTW

Runs strong, but I feel it needs gears and Longs to match the tires I run. But I've beat on her hard and haven't broken anything mechanical.

-PS is a little trail scared, (fixed things up a little)
-possibly needs new PS fender
-has hole in orange part of tail light and rear red side marker
-PS doors dented, rear worse than front
-some slight damage to rockers

-mud spray on headliner (easy clean)
-seats are in good shape other than the drivers
-seatbelts need a little help (don't retract as they should)
-drivers carpet removed
-cargo carpet removed
-have 3rd row seats
-cheap-0 floor mats

-Slee 6" coils
-A&A racing pin/eye adapter w/ 14" Pro-comp ES3000
-Slee Gen 2. control arms, 20k old Toyota bushings
-Beefed DS axle end control arm mount
-Slee SS extended brake lines
-Sway-bar removed

-OME 863J coils (~5" lift with minimal load)
-OME L shocks, 11+" travel
-home brew extended sway-bar mounts
-Slee SS extended brake line
-adjusted LSPV

-bumperless F/R with added front cross member/tow bar
-Trail-Gear sliders, welds might not be pretty but those suckers don't move
-Slee T-case skid, not installed yet, but should be before it moves

Other Junk:
-Aussie Locker in the rear
-open front
-stock drive train essentially
-33x12.50r15 BFG ATs on stock alloys <6000mi
-35x12.50r16 Super Swamper SSRs on Toyota steelies, ~30% tread
-38.5x11r16 Super Swamper Boggers on US Wheel Modular 94 16x8s, <2000mi minimal chunks/cuts, sidewalls great

Here is the ROTW,
obviously out of date, so feel free to ask any questions.

cargo box and roof rack will probably stay with me unless the deal is good enough. all three sets of tires/wheels not included at that price either

Would sell outright for $6500 mud only price, for now $6800 non-mud/TLCA/UC. Have lots of papers from Cruiser Dan at American Toyota for all the Factory Toyota Parts used to fix almost every issue I came across. Have receipts for any work (front axle rebuild, head-work) done by anyone but myself.

What do I want for trade? FJ60, FJ62, or headgasket PM'd FZJ80. Clean interior, no major dents and no hack job work are my only requirements. Good use is fine, but I want something that can be polished up without headaches. Built or stock doesn't matter, I don't mind bartering a little.

Cruiser is sitting at home, so any picture requests will have to wait till I head back home the first weekend in April (unless I have one of it on the computer).

704-438-0730 only for serious buyers for all

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Feb 2, 2005
Albemarle NC

A little more recent pic...still searching for the newest set.
Feb 2, 2005
Albemarle NC
I want a nice 80, but don't want the 1FZFE unless the headgasket has been done, and want to do way more to it than time/money allows. A 60 can be modded to the higher level I want with a lot less work involved thanks to leaves. When I get the time and ability (tools and shop) I will snag another 80 and work on throwing D60s (maybe beefier in the rear) under it with an engine I like and gearing I want. Until then I think a 60 with a 2F (or 350 if this trade works out), sprung over, and a doubler and some other typical armor on some good tires will put me where I want to go.
Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
yeah that doubler is what has snagged me in my build up plans.... isn't even something I can plan for right now :lol: must say I have always loved your 80 though. Maybe if you still have it come that off road fest at uwharrie in may I can finally see it in person or the new 60 you'll have
Feb 2, 2005
Albemarle NC
Doesn't look like many people are that interested in a trade. If I can find a way to run 39.5" Pitbull Rockers and have a decent crawl ratio I'll be more tempted to keep it, but the lack of bolt in crawl options for the 80 hurt (taking apart a t-case would be easy, chopping the floor for the crawler box sucks).

6500 obo, will get picks of body damage soon...not so bad anymore, beat out a lot of the issues and now just looks a little wrinkled. Got a headlight in and the corner lens.

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