Cover for garage storage

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I don't think any cover is big enough for my 55 but I did buy a cover from WalMart for my wife's Heep Wrangler (unlifted). The cost was about $25 I think for a cheap cover to keep the cat hair off. Sizes were only listed for cars so I bought the largest available. Its a little too long and not wide enough to cover tires but for $25 (and for a Heep) it works great.
If you are worried about cat hair, I would electrify three wires around the perimeter and space them about 6 inches from each other.
Covercraft makes them for 40's. You can pick the thickness of the fabric. Reasonable price. Buy online. I have had one for 4 years parked out side washed it once and it is holding up great. I bought one of the heavy ones though.

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