Cooper ST MAXX, does anyone run these in the larger sizes???

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GW Nugget

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Jul 25, 2014
Coalinga, CA
Cooper ST MAXX, does anyone run these???
Looken to get a set, just wanted to see them on a 80 series cruiser.
315/75 r16 or 35x12.5x 15
37s even just for fun.
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Take a look over at ExpeditionPortal, I believe their review on them was on a LX450 and then one of the members has them on his 80. Can't recommend these tires enough, had them since the beginning of November and love them both on and off road. Road manners are quite nice, on par with my old ATs, and offroad they are great. They are incredibly quiet and look awesome. I have had them slip in ice but then again so were my wifes' Falken Rocky Mtns.
Thanks... do you have pics?
Are they True to size?
I think the Coopers actually run a little big. My 285/75s are listed at 33.1" and the same size BFG AT is listed as 32.8". Great tire.
I just bought one today here it is. As specs read 34.5" & that's what they are.
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I've got a set on my 80: 315/75/16. So far I'm happy with them. Quiet on the pavement, good snow traction, and with the 3 ply Cooper sidewalls I don't worry too much about them in the Colorado granite.
Found a recent picture. They measure just under 34" mounted on the 80 rims.
Yes. I did get the tires & I got them to fit on with alot of work. The problem with the 15's is you have to space them to far out to stay away from hitting the caliper. But then when you flex it gets into the fenders & or chunking tire lugs.
My a advice don't buy 15s for a fzj.
I sold the 15s & got 16s... problem solved.
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My tight little ride got some 315s today.
The E rating has a firmer sporty feel to them compared to the spungy C rated 35s.
2 cents worth of "free"opinion...Running the Coopers on my 76 Fj40 and on my 13 FJ Cruiser. great road manners, reasonably quiet, and tenacious off road capability. I think you are going to like them:clap:.
There a great tire.
Ther'e not a mud & not an all terrain.
I say a hybrid.
Just a good all around.
My other maxx's lasted twice of any other tire I have drove out in the oilfields I work in.
3" OME medium 851+25mm/860
315 Cooper ST Maxx w/stock 4.5 BS wheels.
Stock bumps & slight ok rubbing.
Have a little over 5k miles on mine now and still perform great. Due to doing so much travel for work and what not this year I have had ZERO time to go wheel or fish or anything other than drive myself randomly to trailheads for mtbing. Hoping we have some snow soon so I can actually test them.

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