Connector differences from 97 rear hatch and 91 rear hatch (1 Viewer)

Feb 18, 2015
North Georgia
Recently replaced the rear hatch on my 97 with one from a 91 and all was well in the world until I noticed that the door ajar light is on the dash now,and I wanted the ask some opinions of the collective on as to why this happening. Is their a different pin arrangement in the connector. The 91 as you all know does not have a 3rd taillight but the connectors there are 2 both hooked up as if made for them duh as it should . Now is it possible I may have skinned a wire leaving bare wire exposed very possible it was bitterly cold in the Georgia Mountains Monday and its possible the brittle wires did get exposed. Best way to find a shorted wire? But is their a difference in the connector as well. Also changed tail gate and have no tag lights. Did some wire moving around there to. Also I may be crazy but the dash fan keeps running after I pull the key. Not the fan for the stereo but the heater fan. Son of a diddly what have I done wrong ?

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