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Mar 27, 2007
Hi Everyone,

I finally bought my first 1993 Toyota Land Cruiser. It has 179,xxx miles. The first thing I did when I bought it was become a member of this site. The second, going to Slee off Road to pick up some parts. (Christo, is an amazing person to do business with; I would highly recommend him and his shop). All in all, here is the FIRST pic of my 80. The lady who i bought it from didn't take care of the truck one bit. But luckily I got a great deal on the truck. Oh and if you are wondering if it's locked :). All in all i am happy with my purchase but I am looking at doing some PM. Yes, I know, I have read the forum enough to know that CDan is the man to talk to about OEM parts :).

With that being said, what do you guys think I should do to get everything up to speed as far as replacing things/fluids (baseline)?

FYI: The HG is in good condition.

A little bit about me: I work as a store manager for Car Toys in Colorado. I am MECP certified. I do believe to be a part of the community you have to give as much as you take from it, so if you guys have any electrical gremmlins/problems/issues/frets/fumes/concerns and would like my help let me know and i would be happy to help. All in all, I am glad to be a part of this community.

Mar 19, 2005

sorry the lady didn't take care of it. hope you can can fix 'er up reeeeaaaal goooood.

i also hope those shoes actually belong to a living person, and this isn't a picture of the cruiser from a file of crime photos.:D in which case, might explain the awful dents in front.

good luck!:cheers:



Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
Welcome. You should visit our local club. Meetings first weds of every month

For fluids.

Oil, gear oil in diffs and Tcase, Flush and refill Radiator. Transmission fluid. Could flush Power steering and brake fluid depending on how dirty they are.

Most likely, you will need to rebuild the front axle unless it has been done in the last 50K miles. There is a write-up in the FAQ on how to do this.

Spend some time in the FAQ. The local cruiser community is large and a lot of us are around to help.
May 15, 2005
Was that a Craig'slist beauty? There's been a lot of local 93s on there lately. At least three locked IIRC. Where are you in CO? I'll be replacing the radiator and T-stat as well as doing the front axle service in the next couple weeks. Lot's of local 80 owners, including myself, who'd be glad to help PM your rig should you need any. :)

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