Clutch Kits???

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Jan 8, 2006
Buffalo, Wyoming
Could you guys give me your opinions on who has the best clutch kits for my 1980 FJ40? I need to replace mine. This is my first FJ, and my knowledge is lacking. Thanks in advance!!!!!
I went to the dealer. I'm getting were I don't use much aftermarket stuff anymore. Some of it is OK but most is crap compared to OEM.
If you are running regualar size tire oem is great. But if you are running huge tires you want to go with a stronger clutch. I think I used centerforce the last time I redid mine. Also, don't forget to resurface the flywheel. I also remember, removing the old bearing off the throwout bearing assy. and repressing a new one. If you go with a centerforce clutch, I would ask about how the throwout bearing comes.
Most decent driveline/gear shops sell Luk clutch kits. I have installed many of them, and they seem to work very well.

Good luck!

OEM or Luk.

do the rear main at the same time.
Centerforce is just a rebuilt Aisin pressure plate with the little weight doodads added on the fingers. FWIW, I have never had a bad clutch; OEM, Luk, Centerforce or cheepo rebuilt (out of several dozen).
OEM for me
Thanks for all the good info! I think I am going with a LUK.

What do you all think about the ones from SOR, CCOT, and Man-a-Fre?

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