cleaning the 30x50 mess

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Jul 14, 2003
Hopewell NJ 08525
I took a few days off to the clean my garage that has turned into a hell hole of a mess . I started today and it looks like I just made a bigger mess as its now spread from the garage to outside into the drive also . :doh:

I tried doing this before but weather always blows so I borrowed from the bar down the street a 30x20 tent so now I can set s*** outside and not worry about it starting to rain .
If all goes right I should have my other lift up, all my different project parts separate so no trailer parts with VW parts etc . I'm so sick of not being able to find stuff I know I have and buying another to finish what I working on .

Wish me luck :rolleyes:
When your gonna have the garage sale..... I'm down!!
You are not alone. The foot print of my mess (embarassement) is 40 by 80. Good luck and post up any tips or secrets on cleanup that you find.
I have a easy rule, if I dont use it in 6 months, its not a tool or supplies, I s*** can it.
Hi, When you finish come do mine, my wife swears I could build at least one cruiser out of just parts ! Mike
I know you could... What does that say about us ! Mike
took a full stepvan full of crap to a dumpster at work that they pay every week for tipping that if it has more then 2 empty Micky Ds bags and what ever leafs fell off the trees that week its a miracle so I dont feel bad about it . I got a trailer full of scrap metal that I will run to the scrap yard that dosn't pay well but I dont come away with at least one flat .
It "looks" better but I maybe just "hoping" it does.
Tomorrow if all goes well I be setting up the lift .

Now I think its time for something to eat as I forgot to since Monday :doh:
day 3 done (more like I'm done wiped out ) as its been hot as hell ,rained like a Mofo the tent did its job but It did rain enough the tent was covering a lake that formed in front of the garage :doh:.

The lift is up and it beat the hell out of me and my brother . Being humid and hot just sucked all the life out as we were working . Measured , measured and measured again , and that's right its crooked as s*** when you look up at the top bar near the ceiling :censor: . I put the other one up a few years ago by myself pulling an all nighter and came out perfect :meh:
This one I had at my other shop and and weighs almost double of my 10k unit I bought before . Each side arm is over #650 and to get the top arms dropped in you need to put that #650 at a 45deg angle side the #70 part in then stand it back up and walk it over to the bottom bracket with a 4 foot bar hanging out 13 feet in the air.
Tomorrow I'll do the electric and then battle the pile again :hillbilly:
Hope you got the day off,;)

HBD Koffer:cheers:
Hope you got the day off,;)

HBD Koffer:cheers:


Went to the 4H fair ,picked up new set of alt brushes for the 80, some electrical stuff for the lift install and in the mail was the paperwork saying I satisfied my Ford Motor Credit loan and the title for the van :bounce:
Finished hooking up the lift and the Cruiser :princess: went thru some of the boxes of her stuff that were in the garage so we can put them in her 20ft shipping container (yes, we have a his and hers set of 2 :hillbilly: )
Went out to dinner just for a quick meal and will hit mess again in the morning
Still working on it ,been going a lot slower as I've been on call last week so couldn't really dig into it too heavy after work every night . plus its nothing but rainy humid mess this weekend too
Picked up a free rolling lumber rack from a guy at work so now all my stick ,short cuts and sheet goods are in one spot
Found 3700 unwrapped pennies in an old night stand drawer that was hiding in the garage and took the old lady out for a good sit down meal ,no drivethru for this classy couple :hillbilly:. I did cut up then burned that nightstand as it was one ugly mofo .
I found about 10 tape measures (more then the 6 I already knew about ), 50 screw drivers ,a ton of camping gear , a pop up camper , 3 hand trucks, 11 extension cords , 40+bungee cords , 6' step ladder, laser level, router, my new Highlift jack, 10 of the old big toyota oil filters and a ton of other stuff I forgot about.

heres a few pixs before and after cleaning

(just kidding found one from when coated the floor ;) )



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learn sumtin new everyday...didn't even know the floor was coated!!

learn sumtin new everyday...didn't even know the floor was coated!!


yeah its been coated with junk so long I forgot too :p
Everything is pretty much done now. Finished yesterday. The lift works good and didnt fall down as I used the:idea: corvette as the test pilot for the 1st flight :hillbilly:
I'm going to build some 25 feet long 12feet tall and 2 feet deep shelves so I'll get all the stuff piled really high and out of the way .

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