Cheap Power Bleeder

May 20, 2009
Canby Oregon
So I hear people complain about bleeding brakes, and I totally get it, a real PITA.
So I learned about power bleeders and how well they worked and I wanted one, until I saw the price, then I said hey I can make one really easy here is the list of parts

1. small garden sprayer

2. stock master cylinder cap

3 A brass male nipple 3/16 barbed and 3/8 pipe threaded male end

4. 2 hose clamps one 1 1/4" and 3/8"

So you need to pull the center out of the cap they usually have a plastic plug, and then clean it, with lacquer thinner and take your brass nipple and super glue it in there

Now cut the spray end off you sprayer leave about 12" put the small hose clamp on the plastic tube, now push the plastic line on the nipple I used a split piece of fuel line to clamp the plastic on the nipple, now get the larger clamp around the MC cap, you now have a pressure bleeder .

Oh for a bleeder bottle I use a clear 16 OZ water bottle and a piece of 1/4" clear hose and 2 zip ties, I drill the lid for the hose to fit through about 2" and I put a zip tie so it does not pull out and then one on top to keep it from going in

How to use it, remove your MC cap , now take the pump off and fill with your favorite brake fluid , now put the cap on the master cylinder, using the larger hose clamp put it in place of the stock cap and tighten a little not to much you can break the MC .

Now the very important part to add pressure to the system do about 3-5 pumps until you feel a little bit of pressure, start on the passenger rear caliper with a bleeder bottle, I told you how to make now crack the bleeder valve on the caliper, you should see the fluid coming out probably brownish, if you are just bleeding continue, I just put my box end 10mm on the bleeder nipple until I am not seeing any bubbles , now go through the FSM bleeding process , and when you are done there is a little air release on most garden sprayers release the air pressure and loosen the hose clamp and you have saved your marriage by not making your with SO pump the pedal 785 times

Note I usually just throw in a new quart of brake fluid and this way if you want you can flush the system

@FMC80 here ya go






Sep 30, 2017
Sweet write up man, I can see how this system would contain the brake fluid in the MC without it pissing all over the place like my motive bleeder does. I like it, thanks bro

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