CEL translating for dummies

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Dec 1, 2011
Soggy Northwest
Hey Gang...

I had a CEL pop up on me the other day, so I decided to be manly and go see what the heck was going on, so I whipped out a paper clip and to my amazement my check enging light start blinking just like you FZJ80 Fanatics said it would..

Heres the deal..

My Light did this..




Then it blinked 7 more times.

So either it is telling me I have a code 12 and a 7 or a 27.. or maybe it is telling me to put more gas in it.. who knows.

Can anybody with more experience with these codes translate for me?

BTW.. the Croozer runs awesome.

Thanks!! :beer:
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That looks like 27. Did you put the clip in, then turn the ignition on? The single blink followed by a long pause is just a "bulb check" AFAIK.
27 = Sub Oxygen Sensor Signal.
Whether there's only one or multiple codes, CEL will keep repeating from the lowest numbered code to the highest number code. Short pauses between digits of a single code, long pauses between codes.

Go try it again and take your time till you're sure of what you're seeing.
Ok... I have myself a code 27... I turned off the CEL, and I drove about 50 miles today without it turning back on.

Last week I ran some sea foam through the intake.. I must have gotten some crud on the front 02.

If this happens again, It looks like I will be installing a pair of OEM o2's past the cat guard on a MetalTech slider.. :beer::wrench::beer:

Thanks for all of your help!!!!

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