Carnage Canyon BV

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Jun 3, 2009
Anyone run carnage canyon BV in their 80 series?

I wrapped up my build this spring and am contemplating taking run at it. Holy cross/chinaman ect are getting too easy with the 37's!

My rig:
- factory lockers
- full armor: bumpers, sliders and oil pan/t-case skids
- deflared and line-x'd
- 37's
- 4" of lift

I am ok with some dents and scratches, but don't want to have to chop the top like VCcruz'r. It gets cold in the winter in Colorado.

Think I can make it?
Maybe Nay has?

You got a winch?
Maybe Nay has?

You got a winch?

Yeah, and maybe some trail buddies, from what I've seen in pics.

No experience with CCBV, although I've been partway up Holy Cross in, err, lesser vehicles -- FJ55 :cool: and a Rodeo :rolleyes:

I don't recall seeing any 80s in the pics of action there, in fact mostly people were running highly modded 4x4 buggies. Should be a real test for an 80.
You will need to be okay with bashing the s*** out of the driver a-pillar/cowl and possibly the entire roof line of the truck when you slide off the line trying to get thru the v-notch. And then possible doing the same thing to the otherside of the truck when you slide off the line to the otherside and then end up flopped in it. Then once you are to the top of notch you have to make a sharp turn into an undercut rock that puts a ton of stress on the passenger front cv. I wouldn't recommend putting an 80 in that trail, its gotten quite a bit harder in the last year. Cheers :beer:
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I have run BV carnage several times - but not in my 80. Nor would I take my 80 in there.

You need to be on at least 38s and be prepared for body damage. Even my old buggied-out CJ7 on 42s would struggle a little on that trail. It's tight for a full bodied-rig and has huge rocks and ledges. A winch would probably get you through, but there would be lots of paint and glass left behind.

This spot and the end would be....well the end of your 80:

i agree unless you dont care bout body damage

Thanks for the advice guys, sounds like I would probably regret it. My body is still in good shape and I would like to keep it that way. I was ok losing fender flares, but not looking to turn it into a rag top yet.

there is a nice old k20 rockcrawler down the street from me for sale, full exo cage on 39's and a nice big 454 in it. No sheet metal of glass to speak of on it?????
Rockrod your jeep is badazz! Makes me miss my 72 bronco on 42's. Had a built inline pump 4bt, rubi tcase, one tons you name it.. I do lovry Lexus a little more though!

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