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Jan 29, 2014
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Got my very own Trollhole carb today... I believe I have just about everything together to make the swap from the Holley with the exception of idle control solenoid hookup. The Holley has no wire whatsoever but rather a vacuum line back to distributor. I, being no master of all things carb, figure that I'll be needing this... would this be found in the leftover jumble of wires disconnected by PO that were part of the smog system?
Huck - I believe your original carb would have looked something like this.

At the harness on the drivers side fender in front of your carb fan, find the square green connector that would fit the one shown above. You will use the switched (ignition on) 12V wire in this harness connector, I think the black wire (need to verify this). Install a jumper wire from this harness connector to the carb. Use Coolerman's FLF1P6.3W connector at the carb, connect it up are good to go.

Here is what your final connection may look like to your new TH Carb. I used Coolerman's black connector and 1/4" insultherm on my original harness wire. But my '77 uses a single wire to the fuel solenoid.
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The wire for the solenoid comes from the engine fuse and is hot when the key is on. It usually runs along the driver side of the valve cover. If it is missing, you can connect to the circuit at the Ign tab of the voltage regulator under the brake booster.
Much appreciated... look into it tomorrow

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