Car Hauler Trailer Tires Experience?

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Jul 20, 2006
Ok if you pull a trailer that hauls your 40,60, buggy, camper, rock-crawler or combination thereof, and its weighs more than 7K combined weight...please reply to the below. Not looking for info on Class 8 rigs as thats out of my range.

(1) estimated or known total weight of the trailer loaded.

(2) Do you run ST trailer tires, e rated truck tires, or other tires on your trailer.

(3) What's been your experience with your trailer tires over time. What worked what did not work, what if any brand or type tire do you recommend?

What I have is a metal deck dual axle car hauler trailer rated at 10.4K (two axles at 5.2K), brakes on both axles, currently the trailer has the same tires it came with ..Power King Tow Max ST 225-75-R15, this is a 8 ply load range D tire which I understand is probably made in china.

I've asked similar questions around the board, general consensus is trailer tires suck. A number of people recommend to go with an e rated truck tire for the trailer. IF I change tires I'll go to a 16 inch tire that would probally be in the size of 225-75-16.

I'm estimating I'm somewhere between 9K and 10 for my fully loaded trailer, I'll get it weighed in the next couple of weeks and post up.
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I'm running Lt 265/75R16 D rated on the trailer. 9000 lbs +/- have had good luck . I'm using that size because I run them under my 62 until they're between 1/2 and1/4 tread then switch them to the trailer.
I run cheep 225/75/15 radial trailer tires and have had good luck (SuperCargo). I have had some bias ply trailer tires in the past that wore very weird but the current tires are good to go.

6k ish Lbs loaded with the FJ40.

If you want to run truck tires I would get a E rated tire and you should be fine.

I dont personally know what the difference between a "truck" and "trailer" tire is but i generally keep them where they are recommended.
From what I"ve read the ST or trailer tire is suppose to have a thicker sidewall than a normal tire. I assume to help with weight better and my guess is to deal better with the stress of low speed hard turns with a fully loaded trailer.
The st's have a stiffer sidewall to help the trailer track straighter. DO NOT mix them with Lt's. The trailer will fish tail.
as noted in another related thread...I went with some 16 inch E rated LT tires... So far so issues. No more ST Chinese stuff.

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