burning rubber

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Sep 5, 2007
lenexa, ks
Well, I pulled 4 tires off of my 68 FJ rims, and was planning on setting them at the curb for big trash pick up day (5 max) this spring.

Neighbor called and told me that on the corner of my property, in the woods, there was some tires discarded. I pulled out 30 a few weeks ago. :censor::censor: City wants $10 a pop to discard, Wally world wants $1.50 each.... Still $50 bucks I don't really want to part with for someone elses trash.

Anyone know of a place where I can dispose of these cheap, without my problem becoming someone elses problem?

Man.. Wish I could help. We use about 1 or 2 tires a year to burn brush piles from dozing work at deer camp but I can pretty much accomodate that request.. So someone's discarding tires on your property? Might be time for a game camera.. I can bring one back from turkey camp if you want to try it. Post back up by tuesday morning.. We're coming back Tuesday afternoon and probably heading back up Wednesday for the remainder of the week.. I have to bring the cameras back anyway cause darn squirrels love the low voltage in the solar panels.. I guess it is like visiting the dentist or something for them.. Gonna have to run the wires in metal conduit this time.
Thanks E,

I found out a little more info.... my other neighbor told me that buried tires will come up over time, and that is why I had not seen them before. He thought they were buried before I bought the place...

I found that shawnee is having big trash pick up day and will take 5 tires per house, so I am looking for some shawnee friends>?>>>
Your growing tires.. Funny.. Most of the time people find other weeds hidden in fields kids use to go loco.. you find tires growing.. Never knew that about tires.. Very interesting.. I will keep my eyes open for morells and tires this next week.
I'm allowed to set 10 tires per year at the curb for pickup through my regular trash service. I can probably talk my neighbor into letting you set a few at his place too, so there's 20 taken care of.

I will email you about dates.

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