BMR, Disney, OK, 27-29Mar15

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Mar 8, 2011
KC, MO Area (again)
: )
I'm 85% sure these are the dates. I'm 100% sure I'm going, regardless.
Okay guys, I just talked to the reservation gal at Disney. There is one electric site left where we camped last year. There are tent sites still available there. Also, there are sites available below the dam on the golf course, but no electricity. She is holding the one site for me if we want it until tomorrow. So let me know asap. Thanks.
If you and Rob plan to go, grab it. Those that stay in the big white tent haven't discussed where we will be setting up. We get there early enough to get a foot print so no worries.
Hmmm... These dates conflict with the first weekend of EJS this year.
Easter (dare I say it?) Jeep Safari in Moab.
It could. And if it does, oh well. It would make more room on the trails in Disney. I and a few others head down Wed or Thurs before the masses show up. This gives us time to try stuff (Little Blue, Water Fall, Ledges, etc), break stuff, then watch the crazy on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Haven't been to EJS or Moab. I'd like to go to Moab while the kids still like to camp. I tolerate jeep owners. Some are cool, most are not.
I requested Wednesday through Friday off. I haven't fixed a locker or fuel sending unit yet.
Are everybody's plans set? Does anyone have a map that shows the area where you plan on camping? I won't be camping with the group, but definitely want to stop by and see everyone. I'll be there late Friday and will be staying the weekend. Maybe someone could place a pin on a google map and then share. Thanks!

Looks like I'm heading south Thursday.
I think Todd, my cousin will not be making it down this year.

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