Blown Seal..

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Jun 8, 2010
Santa Monica, CA
Question about a blown seal

So I was under the truck today, reattaching a bumper cap that.. fell off, and I noticed some sludge all over the undercarriage! So I looked at it, and I found a blown seal on what I think is the transfer case, seeing as its not leaking transmission fluid. I have recently replaced the gear oil in my front diff with Mobil1 synthetic, so that could be related.

I'm not totally sure what to do right now, and I really hope that I can learn some more about this debacle. It will move and start and go etc, I drove to Home Depot before I realized what had happened.

The truck has been in my family since 1996, its a 94. The only problems its ever had was when my mother decided to experiment with the 1fz and see how long it could go without changing oil, the answer was 25,000 miles, and then it blew a rod.

Heres some pictures:

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It looks like the oil is coming from a little higher up on the passenger side...maybe the oil cooler?
You mention the leak coming from the transfer case, but this picture is from the underside of the engine?

I am confused.
Looks like grease from the u joint? Or am I on crack? Had the u joints greased lately?

I had to be the one to suggest a simple solution... Sorry to get your hopes up if Im wrong.


And here I thought 25,000 miles would be good!

Its hard to get a picture of, but basically its the first thing that comes after the engine. Thats really the best I can do for now, tomorrow I will try to get a better picture. I don't actually know if its the transfer case or not, I was just throwing something out there based on the leaking grease/fluid.

Luckily I'm taking the truck in to a transmission shop anyways, so I'll ask them to take a look and fix her up.

Darwink: I did not have the u-joints greased recently, though there is a small bit of grease leaking from it.

94: It seems to me to be far too thick to be oil, but I'll look around a little further, and its not the engine, its whatever is after the engine down-car, if that makes sense.
Typically at this point, you would clean the underside right up so you can see where the oil is coming from.

But I also think it looks too greasy. It could have been a case of over greased drive shaft. Greasing is part of the standard service especially if you drive through mud/water. So it could have been done without being explicitly stated.
Well the first thing "down engine" is the transmission. I am curious how something from the transmission made it up engine under what looks to be the exhaust manifold. I agree with what was said above, you should clean the area off, to get a better idea as to where the sludge is coming form.
Reminds me of the Penguin joke...

Penguin takes his car to a mechanic, mechanic says come back in an hour.
Meanwhile penguin goes out for ice cream, penguins love ice cream, because penguins have no hands he gets ice cream all over his chin...

Penguin goes back to the mechanic, mechanic says looks like you blew a "seal" penguin says no its just a little ice cream
I think you guys are right about the drive shaft throwing grease everywhere, about 500 miles ago I had my mechanic fix a seized bearing in my compressor, and he might have also greased the u joints too. I'll ask him, thanks for all the help guys

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