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Aug 24, 2009
Anyone know where to buy glass bead for blasting. I bought the last batch somewhere in kck near fairfax. I'd love to use them again, but I can't remember the name and google is not helping me. It was some quality stuff at a great price. My fall back is harbor freight.
Eagle auto stripping i just take stuff to them let them blast.

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Yep, dropped it off at eagle yesterday. They are charging $25, which is less than the $150 worth of glass bead I was going to buy.
I buy media through our contact over at msc. shipping is free for us and media is typically cheap.

Note: Eagle blasted my last set of parts per Eric's recommendation, and did great. George there used to operate a powder coating place in KCK, so knows exactly what quality is needed.

Sandblasting in St. Joseph is super reasonable and they powder coat too!
and I have a set of rims going there this week as well! Pretty sure it's the same place.. so if you see a set of 40 hubcap rims there about the week of the 4th don't be fondling them!
:hmm: That's just how many I'm looking for. I wonder if he has insurance? :D
I use glass beads in my cabinet blaster and I got a bucket from Tractor Supply Co. They also have sacks of starblast/beauty blast in various grits. Not very expensive.
Guy in St Joe is apparently $150 to do 5 rims.. WAY better than the guy in Blue springs.. he wanted $70+ a rim to blast em and powdercoat them. For $30 a rim i'm not even going to mess with doing it at home.
Am I to understand correctly, there is someone in St. Joe that will blast and powdercoat for$30 per wheel. Please share his contact info.

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