BJ42 LX For Sale feeler

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Decent...... $60k in receipts?
I don't know how to link on an iPad but thread of mine is

1983 BJ42 buildup/ resto. Or PM me and I can send u pics and link

No pics, no price, no location. WTF dude. Get off the s***ter if you dont have to s***.
Roberto ... I can't believe your selling your 42. Super Nice rig!

As stated already, the magic question is what would you be asking for it ???

I can post some old pictures for you. Hope you don't mind...

Here is a link for build:

GLWS ! :beer:

Robertos 42-2.jpg

Robertos 42-1.JPG
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What a nice looking rig... GLWS!!
Sweet rig! GLWS

Sent from the islands.
Thanks fellas, it was a hard choice and already started selling my prized hoarded parts I been collecting for years. I want to get $30K OBO


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