For Sale bj 74 suspension seats

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Aug 15, 2005
vancouver bc
United States
one set of front bj74 suspension seats $300 grey
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suspension seats? dare I ask for fear my wallet will fail me?
Pictures please. Pmed you my address.

Looks like they won't fit my rig... Thanks for the pictures.
Hi, will the base of these fit my non Suspension seats off my BJ 74?
when converting std seats to suspension, you need not only the bases but also the bottom seat frame to do the conversion. I lopped off two of the std mount towers and bolted the bases in. A local shop rebuilt my seat bases with the original covers using the suspension bases for $25.

....the center rib on floor must also be cut or replaced with a suspension style. Mot scored one new from Toyota for me (Toyota said first one sold apart from vehicle but part number listed for decades).

best of luck on the sale!
It is the seats complete with the suspension assembly from a bj 74. So you need not use your seats. I quickly checked into the difference between the two and it is like what the other member had said inthe previous post. You would have to remove the floor mount for the non suspension seats. If you think you are interested I can look further.
I am really interested, just figuring how they will work in my 7x. Would you put them on a bus to Alberta if I were to buy them? Your mailbox is full, but I still need to PM you.
They will only work if your floor is designed to support suspention seats

I put suspension seats in my non suspension seat floor. Did you not get the memo?
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