Bellevue, Bellvue, Belview, Bellview, BELLEVIEW winch, Original Inst. & Parts Diagram

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May 22, 2004
South Island
I've got scans of a set of original docs for a BELLEVIEW winch from the mid 60s. There are all kinds of spellings out there and I spent quite a bit of time looking at Bellevue, as in Bellevue WA, before I got the docs out and saw it was actually BELLEVIEW. Will make life easier for searchers if we can clear that up.

So, if Mud wants to host these somewhere, I'll email them to whatever address the Mods give me and we can all enjoy.

There is a place that reportedly has parts: "4WD Center of Minnesota
1-800-328-4445. Talk to John for information on old Warn winches. He knows all about them."

Here's some stuff I found on another site:

Replacement Bearings:

Bearings (except plastic bearing) sourced from Applied Industrial Technologies, Roanoke VA.
Any local bearing distributor (Pacific Bearing) will be able to source the bearings or cross reference the bearing actual part numbers.
Grainger and McMaster-Carr can cross reference

Key# Warn
Part# Qty Description Bearing Actual part number Current Available Price
(phone quote)
15 1950 1 Brake carrier (clutch bearing) Torrington RCB 121616 $15.26/ea
18 1965 3 Plastic sleeve bearing (UHMW)*
1.25 shaft
1.50 OD
(2) 1.275 length
(1) 1.15 length Vendor McMaster-Carr 57785K46**
Grainger does not list this size. $7.35/ea
22 1970 1 Sealed bearing electric motor Japan KOYO 6205 RS $9.60/ea
25 1973 2 Open bearing
0.5 Shaft
1.125 OD
0.25 Width Japan IKS R-8
McMaster-Carr 60355K15 $9.57/ea
26 1974 2 Needle Bearing
Both ends open Torrington Y-1212 or B-1212 $3.31/ea
? ? 2 Main shaft oil seal for gearcase
Not shown on parts diagram Chicago Rawhide CR 12330 $2.33/ea
McMaster Carr (404)346-7000 McMaster-Carr
*UHMW - ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, temp range -100* to +180*
**Two of the plastic bushings must be furned down from 1.500" to 1.275"
The Main Shaft outer gearcase plastic bushing must be turned down from 1.500" to 1.150" to accomodate the housing and Main Shaft Seal CR 12330 (Any machinist can do with a 1.5" chuck).

Inspect bearings for condition, if OK they do not have to be replaced.

NOTE: the Warn 5687 does not have a drain plug for the gearcase! Drill and tap the bottom of gearcase inbetween the two main housing bosses for a 1/8-27 NPT drain plug.

Another quote:

Date: Sat, 06 Dec 97 11:16:57 EST
Subject: Re[2]: Belleview electric winch?

Ok, here's the REAL skinny on Belleview/Warn 8000's.
I got one of these a few years ago, and it was pretty much toast. All the bearings were seized and the casing was full of water. The motor did run however, but the cable was really in bad shape and the hook was gone. I called WARN and tlaked to a guy named Ron Hoffman. Ron is an old timer at WARN and knows everything about these winches, and is more than happy to talk about them, for lengthy periods of time. They have not made or supplied parts for them for over twenty years. Bearings and oil seals are still available from any bearing supplier. I spent about fifty bucks replacing all of them. Gears etc, could be repaired if they ever broke, but the cable would be more likely to give before that happens.
After I was done rebuilding mine, the motor stopped working. I called Ron for advice and he suggested I call Clemson 4wd, in South Carolina I think. They had some NOS motors on the shelf. They guy there said he had just sold the last one a week before. I took the motor apart and cleaned it up, and it works fine now. They do sell a conversion kit that allows you to operate the winch by remote. It includes a solenoid pack and 12 foot cable remote switch. Not having the power out feature isn't a real big deal, I don't think you would power out all the cable anyway, it would take too long. They will, as stated earlier supply you with a parts diagram, a user's manual, and even a step by step repair guide with photographs. These winches are monsters, that will hold 150' of 5/16" cable. It has saved my a** on numerous occasions, and will pull the Rover through a mountain of the thickest Virginia clay you can find.


Clemson 4WD Center
Hwy. 123 South
Clemson, SC 29633

4 WD Center of Minnesota
5711 West 36th St.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
800-622-0781 (in state)
800-328-4445 (out of state)
612-927-4500 (fax)
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Where is thesecond quote from? I would like to contact them to switch mine over to remote and find parts for the spare sitting in my garage.
Where is thesecond quote from? I would like to contact them to switch mine over to remote and find parts for the spare sitting in my garage.

Can't say where it was from now. Note the color changes above.;);)
OH must have been using my 1st grade reading eyes. Thanks.
Email sent Woody!

How about starting a Winch FAQ sticky in this forum? We can add links to manuals and other info for various winches/gear.


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