Aux rank options..

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Mar 1, 2006
Charlotte, NC
Aux tank options..

I found these but, they seem a little pricey. Not that they are not really sweet.. Just a little pricey.

Has anyone here used one?
Are there other options that are a little less pricey?

I am also wondering how low they hang thus affecting wheel-ability.

Here is a pic of one installed
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jackbrad said:
Sorry I scooby-doo'ed the thread subject

edit your post.... "go advanced"

if i were to buy a new tank i would call Downey 0ff-Road Phone (562) 949-9494 and talk to Jim, no one else there gives a sh** about fj40. But he has some sexxy fule tanks that are by far cheeper and much stronger than the steel tank. I think they are some kind of plastic that about 3/16" thick with a 3/16" alum skid plate. I was in his shop about 1 mo ago and got to check them out as they came off the truck.
a plastic tank with an aluminum skid that is stronger than steel??? do tell, do tell.

i have crunched down on my aux tank. all steel. bent the skid. i cant imagine doing the same on a plastic tank and it remaining in tact. but what do i know....
well it all comes down to wall thickness and testing. I think that they make the steel tanks out of 12 gauge sheel metal with a 16 gauge skid plate. The poly tank is 3/16" thick with a 3/16" skid plate. Downey tested both tanks for impact with a spliting head (looks like an ax) and it took more force to break the poly tank then the steel one. Also the poly tank can deform and then bounce back, if this happened to a steel tank it would stay deformed and now only hold 18 gal. I think that Jim at Downey can do a better job explaning this. But i did ask the exact same question as you, and was surprised at the findings.
Looked at the poly tanks on Downeys site. Anybody called for pricing yet? Knowing that current prices range from $600 to $800 for a steel auxillary tank I wonder how much cheaper the poly will be. Also noticed that a filler neck and cap are extra.
man-a-fre has one here with all the trimmings (i've been looking at this for a couple of years) for $745 with the note: "NOTE*** Due to the high demand for our FJ40 Long Range fuel tanks, most tanks are pre-sold when they arrive from Australia. We do have a waiting list, and sales of these tanks is on a first ordered, first served basis."
The one that jackbrad posted comes with everything + the skidplate for only
$655 Sounds like a better deal to me.

Qouted from the site

"Full baffling provides strength, and prevents load shift for better handling.
Complete tanks kits come with all installation hardware.
Rugged 16-gauge electro-galvanized construction provides added strength and rust protection.
Custom tanks also available, built to your specifications."
I've got one for sale. We had three tanks custome made for a couple of our rigs. One guy backed out. Anyways, it fits where the rear crossmember tube goes from right side to left. We cut the x-member outa the way and then ran a new x-member just in front of it. Only other real issue is shock location. IIRC, the tank holds like 12 or 14 gallons. Baffled and w/ a sump. PM if interested. We treated w/ por-15. We did not put the final tank coat in though.
jackbrad said:
Just called:

Poly 588.70 tanks.
Steel 846.16 something.
Skid plate 140.00

that's the price with sending unit and the filler neck skid plate is optinal
What do you mean "bump"? Is the tank loose or are you talking about a tire touching?
Bump = loss of fuel in contact with pickup.

The Downey poly tank has potential. I would skip the foam if it deteriorates like the foam that comes in racing fuel cells. Baffles and/or a sunken sump are really the only long term, no maintenance ways I've heard of to keep fuel in contact with the pickup under cornering, on hills, or off-camber. But I don't really know squat about fuel tank design.

I keep meaning to price a custom aux tank made by a company that makes racing tanks with safety fuel bladders. IIRC, the bladders can made with baffles molded into the bladder. One company I've heard of:

Maybe they're more trouble than they're worth, but I like the safety aspect in case of a rear end collision.

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