Aussie Vs. Powertrax

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Apr 25, 2005
Anyone Have An Opinion Of Which Locker Would Be Better, An Aussie Or A Powertrax On My 69 40 With A Sbc 350 Running On 33's. I Usually Flat Tow It For Runs, But Also Like To Drive It Around Town . Mainly Conerned About Road Manners And Realize The Price Difference Is About Usd 200. All Input Appreciated.
if powertrax is an auto locker I would imagine the driving manners are identical. Many people run aussie with no complants. There are millions of threads on it. You just have to make sure you gaps are within spec and you should have no problem with the aussie. There is a woble i've noticed while accelerating.
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Yes Assuie

I have a '76 with SBC 305. I been running the assuie's in the rear.
Love em. Have had no problems with them. Only really notice them on road when going slow around turns. Nothing major just a little different feel. Drive mine to and from trails. 80 miles each way.

Would definetly recommend them. Thinking now myself about possibly getting them for the front.

Good luck you won't regrett the assuies
I run an aussie in the rear. I've only noticed it twice and it's been a daily driver/ weekend wheeler for 6 months since install. Both times where minor binding on paved parking lot during slow speed turns. Otherwise, road manners are excellent. Offroad traction is great as well. Hard to beat the price, and the install only took about 2 hours.
I just put an Aussie in my '76 FJ40 yesterday, after researching quite a bit I decided it was the best bang for the buck out there. The guys over at are great to deal with and will go out of there way to help you out. Took me about an hour to get it installed - fit and finish on the gears were excellent. I'll let you know how it works after the Roundup next weekend ;)

I'm pretty happy with my Aussie'd front diff - support and pricing from Bill (the owner) are top notch.

Not to mention he supports this site and has offered a 'MUD discount before.

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