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Oct 3, 2016
Chandler AZ
85226 Chandler Arizona, United States
Overland trailer with a chassis by Rockbox Offroad Trailer. I purchased chassis and built the box that it rides on. Chassis is constructed from 2x4 steel tube frame on a 3500 Dexter axle with 5 x 4.5 lug. Current wheel/hub use an adapter to match what is on 5x150 pattern, matching 5 lug Toyota Land Cruiser and Tundra wheels (as shown with BFG 275x85 R18), trailer has hub brakes. Front tongue is solid steel sheet, with tie down area. The receiver is a fully articulated 360-degree hitch, fitting a 2” receiver. 7 pin plug and single chain with hook. Trailer measures 10’-9” in total length, with a 4’W x 3’-7”H x 6’L box. The trailer fits into a standard height garage, with RTT. It is slightly taller than my 100 series Land Cruiser + roof rack.

The box is constructed from 1x1x1/8” steel tube and 1/8” strap steel. This box has 2 accessible compartments; the front area includes onboard battery, switchbox controller and 10-gal water tank w/ pump. The false floor supplies room for storage below and above equipment. The rear access includes shelves for wood, tool, camp gear and container storage. All three doors are lockable and are matched to a single key. All doors have welded in place piano door hinges and framed with 1x1 steel tube. Trailer skin is aluminum with 3M double sided tape and aluminum rivets. Front compartment measures 24”W x 24”H x 46”D; with the rear measuring 46”W x 38”H x 46”D.

Roof top tent is not included as part of the sale but can be included for an additional cost.

Additional measurements and specs can be provided if requested. Trailer is currently registered in AZ.






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