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Hi Yall,
Great site you got here! I have been lurking here for years as I have a buddy who is an avowed toyota fanatic and member who plugged me in. :beer:
I am about to list locally and on other 4wd forums my 1952 m100 1/4 ton jeep trailer. I was curious if there was enough interest over here for me to upload my pics. It is in very good condition (never rolled, all 4 corners are square, no rust cancer, Lunette and landing gear all intact, never been cut or welded) only modification is that It has been converted to 12 volt - but I have all the original 24volt harness and lights. I am going to ask $1000.00 for it and I am located in Pocatello Idaho.

Take care yall & keep on wheeling! :steer:
Apr 2, 2008
S.E. Idaho
Ill try to post some more pics later (after I figure out how) but you get the idea. worst rust on the thing is in the frontal shot just above the body strut on the opposite side of the hand brake - which works fine btw.

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